Tuesday, May 26, 2015

From the Field for the Field - Rookie Challenge

Peng Boi receiving leadership poster
(Photo credit: Allen Briggs)
Occasionally, members of the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee hand out posters. Recently, Pam McDonald shared a couple posters with Allen Briggs, South Zone FMO of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Utah. Allen only needed one poster, but Pam challenged him to share the gift with someone else--to pay the gift forward.

During their zone readiness review, Allen issued an impromptu “Rookie” 10 & 18 challenge among all of the new seasonal module members. Peng Boi from Squad 81 (center of photo) won this challenge and will display the poster in the Spanish Fork Station ready room.

Peng is a true success story, facing many challenges and overcoming many obstacles to become an employee. Way to go, Peng!

Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge
We challenge you to share your leadership development activities with others. What are you doing to promote leadership at the local level? Send your story and pictures to BLM_FA_Leadership_Feedback@blm.gov.

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