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The Art of Leadership

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Art of Leadership

Leaders deeply affect people and organizations, both positively and negatively. Accidental leaders, who have little interest or enthusiasm for leadership responsibilities or self-improvement, can inhibit people’s growth and reduce the effectiveness of their organizations. 

Conversely, committed leaders, avid pupils of the art of leadership, can inspire others and make an enormous difference in people’s lives, on the results of the team, and in the progress of the organization. 

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The art of leadership requires a constant interchange of theory and application. The art also includes being able to view the larger picture—discerning how to turn a weakness into a strength, gauging what is and is not within our control. Leaders constantly balance the known and unknown as well as danger and opportunity to find ways to gain the advantage. 

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Ultimately, the art of leadership requires successfully balancing many factors in the real world, based on the situation at hand, to achieve a successful outcome. 

Occasionally, leaders may be required to provide authoritative, autocratic, tightly controlled direction that requires immediate obedience. But most of the time, leaders inspire, guide, and support their subordinates, gaining their commitment to the vision and mission and encouraging them, within established limits, to perform creatively.

Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge
  • Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Do you have the interest and enthusiasm for leadership responsibilities?
    • Are you making a difference in the lives of your people?
    • Are you a student of fire and leadership?
    • Can you turn a weakness into a strength?
    • Do you have the fortitude to be authoritative, autocratic or provide tightly controlled direction when needed?
    • Can you inspire, guide, and support your people?
  • Learn more about the art of leadership by immersing into Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Other resources include:

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