Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bigger Than Yourself

The Ideal Hotshot from The Smokey Generation on Vimeo.
"The crew is bigger than yourself."
Is there such a thing as an ideal hotshot or any wildland firefighter?

In this video, Valyermo Hotshot Superintendent Jeff Locke stresses the importance of individuality, purpose and synergy. He questions the idea of an "ideal hotshot."

Building the Team
(Leading in the Wildland Fire Service, p. 52)

Fire leaders build cohesive teams—not simply groups of individuals putting forth individual efforts—to accomplish missions in high-risk environments.

Cohesive teams are more creative and adaptable when dealing with complex situations. This enables them to detect and mitigate errors before irreparable damage occurs. Cohesion allows team members to anticipate the needs and actions of other team members. This increases efficiency and saves time.
Fire leaders set the stage by creating an environment in which cohesive teams thrive: establishing a foundation of trust, enabling healthy conflict, requiring commitment, setting an expectation of accountability, and bringing focus to the team result.

What is your story? We challenge you to become a part of this amazing project and share your leadership stories. Bethany Hannah began The Smokey Generation: A Wildland Fire Oral History and Digital Storytelling Project with hotshots. All members of the wildland fire service can share their stories by following her example. Click here for potential leadership questions.

Visit The Smokey Generation website for complete information.

Thanks, Bethany Hannah for your vision and leadership to capture our history.

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