Tuesday, July 7, 2015

From the Field for the Field: Dan Pickard on Positive Influence and Leadership

Positive Influence and Leadership from The Smokey Generation on Vimeo.


Fire leaders are committed to building a high level of competence in team members. Their satisfaction depends on it as does the future of the organization. Some of today’s team members are the leaders of tomorrow; it is the leader’s responsibility to mentor and help them cultivate the right tools and skills that they will need to face the challenges of the future.

Setting and Achieving Standards
Leaders set standards as a means of clearly stating the leader’s expectations as well as those of the organization. Standards define acceptable performance, and holding people accountable is contingent on clearly defined standards. Fire leaders step up to the responsibility of establishing reasonable standards, training to those standards, and providing the resources necessary to achieve the standard. With standards in place, leaders help people develop technical and personal competency, enabling them to grow as individuals.

Leaders also help their people grow by mentoring and sharing experiences. Mentoring them begins their journey from followership to leadership. Fire leaders coach and then step back to allow people to take on new responsibilities. Providing the opportunity to test new waters and try new behaviors is important in developing people for the future.

We consider the individual skill levels and developmental needs when delegating tasks, making sure people have appropriate challenges that press them to grow and expand their skills.

What is your story? We challenge you to become a part of this amazing  project and share your leadership stories. Bethany Hannah began The Smokey Generation: A Wildland Fire Oral History and Digital Storytelling Project with hotshots. All members of the wildland fire service can share their stories by following her example. Click here for potential leadership questions. 

Visit The Smokey Generation website for complete information.

Thanks, Bethany Hannah for your vision and leadership to capture our history. 
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