Friday, November 6, 2015

Our Duty: Followership or Feudalism?

In this Leadership Nudge by David Marquet, we get to the root of followership. Every member of the wildland fire service is a follower. We all have a duty to follow the principles of the mission regardless of our position in the organization.

Duty: Accomplishing the Mission
(Leading in the Wildland Fire Service, p. 25)

Leaders in the wildland fire service seek and accept the duty to lead. We serve our people, our communities, and our nation. We fulfill our obligation by mastering our jobs, making sound and timely decisions, ensuring tasks can be done and are accomplished, and fostering this spirit of duty in subordinates. 

The unpredictable nature of our work environment means that any team member could be at a decisive point. That decisive point may take many forms: a choice of divergent options in a tactical plan or a chance encounter with a member of the public who happens to be in a position of great influence. The results of that choice or interaction—good or bad— could have a profound effect on the wildland fire service. We take it upon ourselves to make sure our effect is a positive one, no matter what the mission may be.

How Do We Do It?

Duty: Be proficient in your job, both technically and as a leader.

Duty: Make sound and timely decisions.

Duty: Ensure that tasks are understood, supervised, and accomplished.

Duty: Develop your subordinates for the future.

Download the 2015 Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge - Followership is Leadership Reference Guide and make a commitment to self-develop and growth.

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