Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Kind of Investment Have You Made in You?

One of the comments we hear from a lot of wildland firefighters attending our leadership courses is, "I wish I had taken this course earlier in my career." Leadership preparation is more than a course and doesn't begin the day you accept a leadership role or position.  More often than not, individuals are thrust into leadership because of a situation or event. In order to be prepared, individuals must invest in themselves early in life.

Did you notice I said "life" and not "career"? Leadership development may or may not be something you do for your job. Whether in our job or our personal life, we all have had, or will have, the opportunity to influence others. Whether by authority or decision to lead, individuals should be ready for the call to lead.

Investing in Yourself

The theme of the 2016 Wildland Fire National Leadership Campaign is "Never Stop Learning." One way to prepare for the call to leadership is to adopt a plan of continuous learning. Effective leaders are always looking for new resources to expand their minds and hone old skills or develop new ones. Prudent leaders should heed the advice of financial planners and invest early and often, and then watch the fruits of their efforts grow.

Here is a short list of things can you do to invest in yourself:
  • Read
  • Write
  • Study
  • Volunteer
  • Define yourself
  • Develop a new skill
  • Acknowledge your talents
  • Spend time by and for yourself
  • Devote time to your development
  • Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone
Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge

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