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Adam Hernandez on Competitiveness and Camaraderie

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Competitiveness can be a motivator for some people. A leader's job is to find the best way to blend competitiveness into the workplace—to make work fun yet productive and safe. Overly competitive members of a team can actual cause dissension. Know what drives your people and how to guide their motivation.  "How to Use Competition in the Workplace - For Dummies" by Marlee B. Sprenger gives a quick look at competition in the workplace.

Motivation and Expectations 
(Leading in the Wildland Fire Service, pp. 46-47)

Leaders understand that people derive motivation from individual values and needs; others cannot force a person to be motivated any more than one person can force another to change. However, we recognize that leaders are responsible for putting in place the conditions in which people are motivated to act. To create these conditions, fire leaders start by taking the time to learn about our people—understanding their internal motivations and accepting them as unique individuals.

In addition, leaders keep in mind that each team member has expectations regarding the benefits—overt as well as intrinsic—they will receive from their work.

Many barriers can prevent people’s expectations from being met: poor relationships with their peers, intrusive supervision, inadequate resources, or work without meaning. 

Fire leaders work to reduce barriers and increase benefits such as giving people a sense of achievement, recognizing accomplishments, resolving unhealthy conflict, providing meaningful work, increasing the responsibilities, and offering opportunities for advancement.

What is your story? We challenge you to become a part of this amazing  project and share your leadership stories. Bethany Hannah began The Smokey Generation: A Wildland Fire Oral History and Digital Storytelling Project for her master's thesis. All members of the wildland fire service, not just hotshots, can share their stories by following her example. Click here for potential leadership questions. Visit The Smokey Generation website for complete information.

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