Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jerry Ingersoll Receives Lead by Example Award

(Jerry Ingersoll and Jim Pena; photo credit: Monica Neal)
Jerry Ingersoll
Forest Supervisor
Siuslaw National Forest
Honored for Motivation and Vision

Jerry Ingersoll has been selected as one of the recipients for the 2015 Paul Gleason Lead by Example award. Four individuals from across the wildland fire service have been chosen to receive this national award.

The award was created by the NWCG Leadership Committee to remember Paul Gleason’s contributions to the wildland fire service. During a career spanning five decades, Paul was a dedicated student of fire, a teacher of fire, and a leader of firefighters. The intent of this award is to recognize individuals or groups who exhibit this same spirit and who exemplify the wildland fire leadership values and principles. Jerry’s work in support of the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program has been a demonstration of motivation and vision.

(Jerry Ingersoll; photo credit: Monica Neal)
Jerry was recognized for his support of and commitment to the Facilitated Learning Analysis (FLA) concept. Jerry's willingness to devote personal time and energy to change the way the fire community looks at accidents has helped provide a cultural shift in wildland fire management as well as in safety management in general. As a cadre member for the FLA Workshop, he assisted in developing people for the future—for future FLAs and preparation for learning from unintended outcomes.
Jim Pena, Jerry Ingersoll, and Shane Olson
(Jim Pena, Jerry Ingersoll, and Shane Olson; photo credit: Monica Neal)
Out of respect for firefighters and other employees, Jerry has emphasized through word and deed the need to treat people fairly in the wake of accidents and near misses. Rather than holding people up for ridicule or blame, he sought to look out for employees’ well-being.
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