Saturday, September 1, 2012

Adapting L-280 for Non-fire Personnel - A Success Story

Black Hills National Forest employees of the Northern Hills and Bearlodge Ranger Districts accepted a leadership challenge by taking time out for L-280, Followership to Leadership for Natural Resource Professionals. The two District Rangers, Steve Kozel and Rhonda O'Byrne, challenged their primary staff, actings and field leaders to participate in this new endeavor.

The Boise NIMO team's Steve Gage and Dan Kleinman, assisted the North Zone Fire Management staff of the Black Hills NF in delivering this wildland fire curriculum to non-fire personnel along with Rocky Mountain Region Branch Chief of Operations Kelly Kane and California's North Ops training officer Bob Bell. This experimental, non-traditional delivery to non-fire personnel proved to be a success. All comments and feedback from the after action review highlighted the importance and need for this type of training throughout the agency at all levels.

Congratulations to the employees of the Black Hills National Forest for accepting the leadership challenge.....keep up the good the work.

Randy Skelton - Division Chief
North Zone Fire Management
Black Hills National Forest
(Photo taken at the toxic barrel FLAC: Bonnie Jones - Recreation; Amy Haas - Silviculturist; Marty Pedersen - Range; Chris Stores - NEPA Planner; Rhonda O'Byrne - Northern Hills RD, District Ranger

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