Monday, September 10, 2012

Making a Difference – Beyond the Fireline

My work with the IGNITE the Spark for Leadership campaign has allowed me to get to know a lot of individuals—both within and outside the wildland fire service. Members of the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program’s social network come from all over the world and from various aspects of life. Each has a story to tell, and I enjoy hearing about our Sparks’ journeys.

The piece of their stories that intrigues me the most is their leadership development beyond the fireline: the impact they make in their communities and within their family units.

Here are a couple of examples of making a difference beyond the fireline:

BLM and the Eugene School District

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Individuals and teams throughout the nation support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) by hosting fundraisers and supporting special events such as the WFF Family Fire Weekend.  For more information on how you can help and to see what others have done, visit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation website.

In Their Communities

Many of the stories I hear include leadership beyond day job. Many of our fire leaders and those followers claiming they can't lead are quite active in their communities. Here are a few activities where people are making a difference in their communities:
  • Church Leader
  • Home Owners Association President
  • Dog Rescuer
  • Cancer Research Patient
  • Youth Mentor
  • Volunteer
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