Monday, September 17, 2012

"Fire Wars"

Fire leaders should know what people are saying about their organization. This is just one topic shaping our future. Decide for yourself how these perspectives and opinions influence your leadership in the fire environment.

The American Center for Democracy recently hosted a super panel discussion regarding economic warfare. Part of the panel discussion is available on YouTube. "Economic Warfare Super Panel" features William Scott (former editor, Aviation Week; former official, National Security Agency; and author Space Wars) presenting some sobering statistics and theories of pyro-terrorism as a current concern for fire managers.

The use of fire as a warfare technique is not new to the United States. U.S. Marines Major Robert A. Baird (presently Deputy Director, Fire and Aviation Management, US Forest Service) chronicled such history wrote his master's thesis "Pyro-terrorism - The Threat of Arson Induced Forest Fires as a Future Terrorist Weapon of Mass Destruction."

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