Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jason Fallon Recognized

The NWCG Leadership Subcommittee recognizes Jason Fallon, Prescribed Fire/Fire Use Captain, Colorado Fire Management District, US Fish and Wildlife Service, as winner of the 2010 Paul Gleason Lead by Example Award for motivation and vision.

Here is an excerpt from his award citation letter:

"Fallon provided motivation and vision by developing a new “hands-on” style of class for chainsaw training. After observing the current lack of adequate training for chainsaw operators, he applied for, and was awarded, an Albright-Wirth Grant to finance his class development. Fallon received applications and interest for his class from various diverse backgrounds, far beyond his home unit and zone. Fallon consistently put the students and cadre’s needs ahead of his own and ensured the primary focus was on the learning opportunities of the students, and in return, concluding with a very successful class."

Congratulations on your achievement, Jason!

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