Monday, May 23, 2011

The Miracle of Managing Egos

Those of you familiar with the Leadership in Cinema program have probably used John Wood's lesson plan for the movie "Miracle."

Jim Craig, goaltender on the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, has written Gold Medal Strategies about the team's journey to capture the gold medal with a focus on managing through ego and conflict.

Leadership Now recently posted a short blurb about the book on "LeadingBlog."

Has anyone read the book? Would anyone like to be a part of a virtual book club to read the book together? Together we can potentially add another book to the "Professional Reading Program". Let us know what you think.

Jim Craig's "Gold Medal Strategies" website has a library of short leadership video clips that may be useful when discussing this concept with your crew.

Additional Resource:
"Leading from Within Means Learning to Manage Your Ego and Emotions," Knowledge@Wharton

Note of apology: Many of the videos are located on YouTube.

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Daveski said...

If you still have not read Jim Craig's book I would be interested in reading and discussing with you. I have been wildland firefighter for 15 years with the USFS and now the BIA. I am also a youth hockey coach. I make all of my players watch this movie and they love it. They love it because USA wins in the end, but do not look at how they won other then the goal. So I have them write down 5 things that influenced the team to be able to win. Everyone of them always puts down they listen to their goalie. I use this movie and many Herb Brooks quotes to motivate our team to do there absolute best and the outcome will usually be favorable, but the good thing is if it is not you can still feel good knowing you gave it all. Dave Pergolsk BIA-Great Lakes Agency Ashland WI