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"By Endurance We Conquer" - Sir Ernest Shackleton (Part 1)

"Shackleton’s name lives on as a synonym for courage, bravery and most of all, leadership. Out of his biggest disaster came his greatest victory which enabled the world to understand his true virtues of endurance, optimism, hope, fortitude, fortune and grace." ~

(Source: Wikipedia)
The leadership lessons of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton have long been talked about within the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program (WFLDP). Shackleton was a born leader driven by ambition and quest for adventure during a time of when polar exploration made explorers worldly heroes.  In this 11-part video series (each approximately 10 minutes long) on YouTube, we will study Shackleton's leadership during crisis of the Endurance Expedition where the quest to traverse across Antarctica gave way to a mission of crew survival. 

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Part 1 of 11

Thoughts to Ponder
  • Sir Ernest Shackleton had failed at previous missions. What (good or bad) makes a leader move forth even in the light of uncertainty and previous failure?
  • Shackleton hand-picked his crew of 27 from a list of 5,000. How important is having the people you trust a part of your team?
  • "Sometimes I think I'm no good at anything but being away in the wilds." What was Shackleton searching for?
  • Knighthood didn't seem enough for Shackleton. His need to do something no other human being had done--being the first to traverse the Antarctic on foot--seemed to consume his ambition. Have you seen examples of this leadership?
Additional Reading

The WFLDP Professional Reading Program features two books about his leadership in the Wildland Book on Books: 
  • Alfred Lansing. Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage (retired in 2011). 
  • Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capparell. Shackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer. 

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