Friday, April 13, 2012

"By Endurance We Conquer" - Sir Ernest Shackleton (Part 2)

"Shackleton’s name lives on as a synonym for courage, bravery and most of all, leadership. Out of his biggest disaster came his greatest victory which enabled the world to understand his true virtues of endurance, optimism, hope, fortitude, fortune and grace." ~
(Source: Cool Antarctic)
In our second installment of "Endurance--Shackleton & the Antarctic" presents Sir Ernest Shackleton with a crisis situation: the crew abandons the Endurance when the ship becomes stuck in pack ice. Shackleton refuses to show his crew signs of rage or disappointment. We also get a glimpse of how the importance of team dynamics as one leads during a crisis situation.

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Part 2 of 11

Thoughts to Ponder
  • Have you been in a situation where your greatness as a leader was needed in the face of a crisis? What leadership traits allowed you to lead during the crisis? 
  • During the crisis, how important is the team member that everyone hates (e.g., Thomas Orde-Lees)?
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