Monday, April 23, 2012

Dotson Recognized for Leadership

Chad Fisher and Britt Rosso presenting Travis with his honor
Congratulations to Travis Dotson for being one of four individuals selected for the 2011 Paul Gleason Lead by Example Award.

Travis Dotson
Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, NPS

Leadership Citation for Motivation and Vision:
Throughout a career as a hotshot and smokejumper as well as working at the Fire Use Training Academy (FUTA) and Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, Travis developed incredible expertise and leadership skills bridging the gap between technical and practical. His high level of integrity has earned respect from colleagues as well as leaving lasting impressions on others with his humble attitude. Recent notable accomplishments include development of the Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG) Dutch Creek Response Protocol insert, involvement with the YouTube video “We Will Never Forget You: Remembering Andy Palmer,” continued involvement in Facilitated Learning Analysis and Lessons Learned Review opportunities, and development of mentoring and student goal tracking programs related to FUTA. These accomplishments demonstrate a great example and show true commitment to duty in the wildland fire service.**

Quotes from the Nomination:
  • "There is not a single accomplishment that sets Travis aside; it would be the accumulation of several accomplishments that set him apart from the rest."
  • "Travis is always the first person I call when looking for someone with leadership abilities to lead an FLA or Lessons Learned Review because I respect his opinion, have trust in his abilities and think he has some of the finest integrity of any person I have known in the wildland fire community."
  • "Having worked in wildland fire management now for close to 25 years, I would still follow Travis into a wildfire with full trust and respect for his abilities and leadership..."
  • "Travis 'leads by example' in everything he does in both his personal and professional life. Travis would never ask anyone to do something that he would not be the first to do himself..."
  • "One of the most valuable things that Travis continues to bring forward is the essence of "mentoring."
  • "Travis is never afraid to speak up and be candid but has a very diplomatic demeanor when doing so."
Other Projects and Accomplishments: 
  • Developed Peer Leadership Awards at FUTA
  • “Special Award” from USFS R-3:  “In recognition of commitment and leadership in coordinating and delivering training in Southwest Area”
  • Performed as Cerro Grande and Dude Staff Rides Group Leader
  • Assisted in developing Two More Chains (author “Ground Truths”)

Leadership Subcommittee Projects:
  • STEX Development Workshop Team Member
  • L-180/280 Update Team Member
  • Dude Fire Staff Ride Development Team Member
  • Self-Development Webpage Update Project Lead
  • 2011 “How to Build a Leader” Annual Fireline Safety Refresher video Project Lead
  • TDGS Update Project Lead
**Correction: An error was included in Travis' original leadership citation. Travis has never served on the FireFit Committee. Our apologies for the misprint.

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