Friday, May 4, 2012

"By Endurance We Conquer" - Sir Ernest Shackleton (Part 5)

"Shackleton's greatest characteristic was the ability to compel loyalty even against his men's better judgment." ~ Roland Huntford, polar historian
Ocean Camp
Source: Cool Antarctic

Part 5 of "Endurance--Shackleton & the Antarctic," presents Shackleton with his biggest challenge: keeping crew morale high. Shackleton becomes ill and resigns himself to his tent. When he emerges, he gives his men purpose: to reach land. McNish becomes insubordinate and Shackleton's decision-making comes into question.

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Push to land
Source: James Caird Society

Thoughts to Ponder
  • How do you deal with subordinates who challenge authority?
  • Was Shackleton's optimism a strength or weakness?
  • "No leader on the edge of survival can tolerate the least threat to his authority." (Roland Huntford, polar historian)  Harry McNish becomes insubordinate and a threat to crew cohesion following Shackleton's decision to renew the march to land and rejection of McNish's proposal to build a sloop with the ship's wreckage. Lionel Greenstreet openly questions Shackleton's judgment. How do you handle subordinates who question your judgment?
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