Friday, May 25, 2012

"By Endurance We Conquer" - Sir Ernest Shackleton (Part 8)

"Shackleton's greatest characteristic was the ability to compel loyalty even against his men's better judgment." ~ Roland Huntford, polar historian
(Artist rendering of the crew aboard the James Caird in heavy seas, Cool Antarctica website)

In Part 8 of "Endurance--Shackleton & the Antarctic," Shackleton, McNeish, Crean, McCarthy, Vincent, and Worsley set sail on an extraordinary journey of survival in the James Caird. 

Click here to preview Endurance--Shackleton & the Antarctic Part 8 of 11

Thoughts to Ponder
  • Wildland firefighters are often said to have "can do" attitudes. How does this relate to the tenacity of the James Caird crew? Give examples of how tenacity has worked positively on your crew.
  • Worsley's insight to convert the James Caird into a sailboat was heroic. Have you had a crew member who provided great leadership and innovation during a crisis situation?
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