Monday, May 7, 2012

Lookabaugh Honored for Leadership

Congratulations to Patrick for being one of four individuals selected for the 2011 Paul Gleason Lead by Example Award.

Patrick Lookabaugh
Whiskeytown Wildland Fire Management, NPS

Leadership Citation for Mentoring and Teamwork:
Throughout Patrick’s career, he has risen to the challenge of mentoring numerous firefighters and building cohesive, adaptable and highly motivated teams. The depth and experience his teams exhibited is a direct reflection of the leadership values he continually communicated and demonstrated. As a leader, Patrick ensures mentoring opportunities are available to those within his organization as well as allowing fire professionals from other agencies to learn by example through detail opportunities within his module. Additionally, Patrick contributed training and development to the wildland fire workforce as an instructor at Shasta College and the Northern California Training Center. These learning and mentoring moments are recognized at the local, regional and national levels. Whiskeytown Fire Management Module’s consistently strong reputation throughout the wildland community is a testament to Patrick’s commitment to developing wildland fire leaders. 

Quotes from the Nomination:
  • "As a direct result of Patrick's mentoring and leadership, the Whiskeytown Fire Management Module has the best collection of qualifications and skills of any crew I have worked with."
  • "Patrick has developed a working environment that facilitates the growth of fireline leaders.  Much is expected of each crew member and individuals are given significant decision space."
  • "Patrick is masterful at monitoring the crews well being and abilities throughout the season."
  • "Patrick has led this crew by an example of hard work and focus.  He is extremely proficient at his job, being an ongoing student of fire and a committed leader."
  • "Patrick’s work ethic assures he is always an active participant in each assignment, working directly with the crew on all tasks.  His leadership is grounded in an deep understanding of fire behavior, fireline strategies and tactics.  The crew and other overhead have tremendous trust in Patrick, based on a history of quality and timely decisions." 
  • "Patrick has been an example to many throughout his career.  His calm and collected demeanor is inspirational to others."  
  • "Patrick has had a clear vision of what an ideal Fire Use Module could become.  His dedication and hard work have resulted in a remarkably diverse and competent unit."

Other Projects and Accomplishments:

  • IRPG Review Group
  • Storm King Mountain Staff Ride, Group Leader
  • Interagency Wildland Fire Module Field Guide, Committee Chair
  • NPS Chainsaw Policy Working Group
  • National Staff Ride Workshop, Presenter

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