Friday, May 11, 2012

"By Endurance We Conquer" - Sir Ernest Shackleton (Part 6)

"Shackleton's greatest characteristic was the ability to compel loyalty even against his men's better judgment." ~ Roland Huntford, polar historian

Part 6 of "Endurance--Shackleton & the Antarctic," presents what many of the crew said was their most challenging experience of the entire journey. Due to disintegration of the ice, the men set sail in life boats in hope of reaching land. Afloat, the men come near their breaking points.  Shackleton's continued determination to keep morale high and Orde-Lees' rising during the crisis to help save lives gave the men hope.
(The crew with life boats: Dudley Docker, James Caird, and Stancomb Wills, Cool Antarctica website)

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Thoughts to Ponder
  • When moments get tough, what do you do as a leader to keep your crew calm?
  • Do you have a flame burning deep within you (a passion) for your people and your leadership?
  • What tools do you have in your leadership toolbox to engage the member of the crew who doesn't want to be a team player?
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